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Kiurlab is a renowned chemical company that entered the market in 2021, but has extensive experience in the field of detailing since 2007. Its development paths were set by Łukasz Kordyjak, responsible for introducing to the polish market the currently leading brand of products for cleaning and repairing leather upholstery – Colourlock.

The beginnings of our company were related to an in-depth understanding of the specificity of the industry. We mainly focused on understanding the individual needs of our clients, focusing on providing high-quality products, services and professional training. Our success is based on comprehensive practical knowledge and a deep understanding of materials. After eight years of building a sales and training structure, the time has come to transform from a purely distribution orientated company into a production company. Our goal is to continue development, innovation and meeting the growing market needs, while maintaining the highest quality standards. In 2021, after many years of searching for a chemical partner, we started intensive work on our first products. This process was the result of careful selection aimed at finding the perfect chemist to cooperate with. As a result of this effort, we managed to initiate cooperation with a professional who became a key partner in our mission to create unique solutions. In order to carry out tests on our products, we have established a professional group of testers. This small group is considered to be leading specialists in the detailing industry, which provided us with extremely valuable opinions and feedback. Their commitment and professionalism helped us improve our products to perfection.

In March 2023, we were proud to announce the launch of our first five Kiurlab products. This is a unique moment that is the result of passion, commitment and cooperation with the best professionals in the industry. We are ready to introduce innovative solutions to the market, meeting the expectations of our customers and raising standards in the detailing industry.

Polish manufacturer of automotive chemicals KiurLab

Detailing enthusiasts, both professionals and amateurs, are well aware of the value of professional car cosmetics. Why? Because they are not only efficient, but also perfectly tailored to the user's individual needs, guaranteeing impressive final results. This elite group of products includes KiurLab - a Polish manufacturer of automotive chemicals, offering products subjected to rigorous laboratory and practical analysis.

When you choose our cosmetics for your vehicle, you are choosing more than just products - you are choosing experience, advanced research and attention to every detail. Our products are the result of not only in-depth laboratory analyzes but also practical tests to ensure reliability and excellent results for users.

Why is it worth choosing KiurLab? If we were to describe the nature of our products in one word, it would be "perfection". We are a responsible manufacturer of car chemicals with our own laboratory, where we create ideal conditions for testing. Our products are analyzed for effectiveness, efficiency, ease of use and performance in various weather conditions.

Our professionalism is not limited only to tests - we constantly improve the recipes, taking into account the opinions and expectations of our customers, especially professional detailers. As we strive to be the best manufacturer of car chemicals, we make every effort to provide you with a complete, highest quality product. By choosing KiurLab, you choose perfection in every detail.

KiurLab - professional car cosmetics

What types of car care chemicals can you find in our store? We provide products:

  •     for hobby use;
  •     for professional detailing workshops;
  •     for car washes.

The professional car cosmetics we create include products that are meant for:

  •     washing;
  •     preservation;
  •     security;
  •     regenerating.

If you are looking for professional car cosmetics, we are convinced that you will fall in love with our products. You can use them in your home garage or in a detailing studio, creating unforgettable effects for your clients.

When using car cosmetics, it is crucial to use them in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Of course, professionals know the structure and properties of our products. For hobbyists, we have prepared detailed instructions outlining how to use our professional cleaning products in order to provide an unforgettable effect.

What car cosmetics are worth choosing?

To make your car constantly attract the attention of others, pick out your detailing set. The most frequently used car cosmetics are:

  •     active shampoos and foams;
  •     alkaline and acid products for rims;
  •     deironizers, products for removing difficult dirt on paintwork;
  •     glass cleaning products;
  •     quick detailers;
  •     waxes;
  •     chemicals for washing upholstery.

Accessories necessary for detailing chemical products

As a manufacturer of car cosmetics, we understand that the skills of a detailer are one thing. It is also important to use accessories that match the products. Therefore, before you use the best KiurLab car chemicals, equip yourself with:

  •     brushes;
  •     sponges;
  •     cleaning cloths;
  •     buckets;
  •     wiamicrofiber cloths (for windows, paint, dashboard and upholstery)ra;
  •     applicators;
  •     masking tapes;
  •     polishing and grinding pads;
  •     fur pads;
  •     microfiber pads.

The above accessories will help you use professional cleaning products effectively. The manufacturer of great automotive chemicals - KiurLab - provides you with everything necessary to achieve a stunning appearance of your car.

Choose the products for your car by yourself today!

Auto detailing means love for details and care for your car in every detail. At KiurLab, we know this very well. We are present at meets, industry and automotive events in order to admire our clients cars. We see how much effort they put into perfecting every element of the vehicle. This brings amazing results, admiration from the crowd and looks of envy. Do you want to give your car a unique shine?

We will be glad to help you with this! Create your car detailing set today or equip your studio with professional KiurLab chemicals! Join our loyal Customers and see the difference!

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