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Automotive enthusiasts know that a clean and well-kept car is a reason to be proud. It is not only about the visual effect, but also about extending the life of individual elements, e.g. upholstery or paint. That's why your garage should have a set of professional car detailing products.

You don't have to look for them in different stores. With us you will find all the products you need in one place. Choose car care and detailing products that will make your car shine like never before.

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Bug Remover BUGGI

6.60 113.22  exluding VAT

Deironizer Rh+

8.26 138.84  exluding VAT

Fabric Cleaner TAPIK

5.78 47.93  exluding VAT

Glass cleaner CLEASY

5.78 51.24  exluding VAT

Microfiber washing liquid MI-WASH

5.78 120.66  exluding VAT


10.74 61.07  exluding VAT

Tire Cleaner TIRE-X

6.60 90.08  exluding VAT

Traffic Film Remover TFR

6.60 136.36  exluding VAT

Wheel Cleaner WHEELY

6.60 82.64  exluding VAT

Car detailing products from KiurLab

Advanced car care begins with preparing the necessary car detailing products and professional accessories for their application. An important stage of car detailing is very thorough washing. You need to get rid of all the dirt and grime, even in hard-to-reach crevices, to be able to move on to the next phases. Properly selected chemicals will help you care for your car, remove dirt from the car's surface, refresh the interior and protect the paintwork against weather conditions.

Advanced car care products

If you need good car care products, use our professional car detailing chemicals. It works better than standard detergents. Thanks to KiurLab products, you can quickly and effectively deal with dried and difficult to remove dirt of various origins.

We encourage you to browse the products in the Exterior care and Interior care categories. There you will find car cleaning products for various purposes, such as high-quality car shampoo, preparations for spot removal of difficult dirt, and professional cleaning and preservation products for upholstery.

The Rim and tire care category includes specialized wheel care products, such as the so-called „bloody” rim for cleaning iron deposit from rims. Also try out our professional tire dressing, which will protect them against the harmful effects of external factors (such as road salt or UV radiation) and will significantly improve the aesthetic value of your car.

Detailing cosmetics - car interior care

We have a large selection of detailing cosmetics with a wide range of applications. Car enthusiasts will find high-quality upholstery care products here. If you decide to detail the interior, the cosmetics you use must be appropriately matched to the seat upholstery material. Our assortment includes products for cleaning and impregnating fabric upholstery, as well as products for cleaning and maintaining natural leather and plastics (e.g. plastics and faux-leather).

Check out KiurLab's offer of professional car cleaning products. Choose the right chemicals for washing and caring for your car. Thanks to our products, the color of your car's paint will become deeper and the upholstery will be sparkling clean!